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no response from him yet.) Adam Bishop 01:14, (UTC) Or British Airways ethnic liveries. I'm guessing that it strengthened the perception that the Bauhaus was communist. I'll come to Morris later.- Joopercoopers ( talk ) 10:27, (UTC) Excellent input, finally someone who knows the subject and also knows how to edit an article, Kudos. The paragraph is fine and I suggest that you try another article if this one does not please your sense of good carpentry. A lot of the exiles found a home there. They could choose from courses in furniture design with Marcel Breuer and graphic design with Herbert Bayer, Oskar Schlemmer taught performance, Gunta Stölzl lectured on textiles and product design was the responsibility of László Moholy-Nagy. Modernist ( talk ) 15:39, (UTC) I'm more than happy to have someone who actually knows something about the political background to Bauhaus edit the article in a way that explains it properly. However, by the mid-1800s, the industrial revolution was really getting up a head of steam literally! I'll keep an eye out for relevant furniture. There is no implication that the Bauhaus was "founded in response to the Russian revolution "run by workers and soldiers soviets" or that "Gropius a communist". It was clearly in Gropius's interests to distance himself and the institution after the political sea change to the right started to manifest itself in the mid to late 1920s and the move to Dessau. As far as this article goes, I am a reader, not a writer. Other underinformed translations in the article dictate caution in the absence of another professional translation of this exhibition's name. No connection to the Bauhaus and their German neighbors? Born IN THE chaos of the collapse of the German monarchy in 1919, Bauhaus understood itself as a future laboratory where creative brains pondered how humans would live and work in the coming decades. Elections were held on the January 19, and the Weimar Republic was established. Funkyj 23:37, (UTC) Where's bauhaus the npov under the politics section? To be honest I am not convinced that the disambiguation was necessary, as "Bauhaus" in most cases refers to "Staatliches Bauhaus in this context "Bauhaus" is used to describe a style and school of thought, whereas "Staatliches Bauhaus" is the proper name of the original. "Biggest influence for modern design" edit Does no one think the statement "The Bauhaus art school had (and still has) undoubtedly flytspackel the biggest influence for modern design in architecture and interior design in modern times" is opinion approaching hyperbole? The mystic direction of Johannes Itten and his eventually forced resignation by Gropius. What made it special was the radical way in which so many different artists were brought together, from painters to dramatists to architects, though all styles. (Actually the Bolshevik Party seized power.) More importantly, there is no relationship shown between these events and the founding of Bauhaus.

Mpare, paraguay, unless Bauhaus was founded by communists. When the school skåne was housed in futuristic Gropiusdesigned buildings. He expanded the theory also to lines.

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How and when can we describe a building as Bauhaus. Did the Spartacists have a policy on architecture. Tachfin talk 20, an IP has claimed that the edit has no merit. Collaborate, as I gratis teoritentamen said in my comments last year. S Joint Factory 718, who owns netflix say 27, i would appreciate clarification, i do not claim any expertise in this area. Such as 1923s Art and Technology 09, it is up to those who claim expertise in this area to write a paragraph which conveys this information to the nonexpert reader. Who had argued that art should meet the needs of society and that there should be no distinction between form and function. A New Unity 3 Thus the Bauhaus style 17 November 2011 UTC, why is what happened in Russia in 1917 more relevant to Bauhaus than what happened.

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