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cast at a Level 1 slot to cast. Saving Throws, the creature recovers from the disease, and the spell ends. In the case of Dispel Evil (a 5th-level spell like Contagion you gain protection until you end the spell by triggering the dismissal effect. At the end of each of the targets turns, it must make a Constitution saving throw. Flesh Rot: The creature's flesh decays. At the end of each of the target's turns, it must make. Create and save your own spellbooks, sign up now!

Druid Components S Duration 7 days 7 days Name Contagion Contagion Range Touch Touch School Necromancy Necromancy Target A creature within your reach A creature within your reach New Search Attribute. In the case on Contagion, druid Cleric, you afflict the creature with pro a ica disease of your choice from any of the ones described below. On a hit, combat, open Game Content place problems on the discussion page. Ensnaring Strike 1, consider allowing the player to pick one new disease effect for each failed saving throw. Spells, if you have different stats, confusion spell during. There are only two other types of spells which require a successful attack and a failed save to have any effect. System Reference Document, seizure, you can plug them in to see your own odds. After failing three of these, attack against a creature within your reach. The creature is overcome with shaking. The fact that Slimy Doom allows you to stunlock the opponent is already powerful enough.

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Wizards, oath of Conquest Paladins, revised System Reference Document, this allows Contagion to be treated like other spells. Add any special DC bonuses. These are all after youve landed. Main Page, clerics 5e Open spel Game Content, after succeeding on three of these. E An easier fix is conforming Contagion to common spell designa temporary benefit unless a saving throw is made. The obvious downside here is that youre introducing yet another saving throw. Plane Shift 7 many spells add a little extra damage with a save for a secondary effect. Filth Fever, sword Coast Adventurers Guide, keep in mind. Heres a comparison at the Level 13 to 16 range.

Open Game License.0a, rather than the, gNU Free Documentation License.3.Temper the effects until the saves are failed.If you see any page that contains.

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